Shopping Center Promotions

There’s nothing quite like seeing a beautiful medieval castle towing above everything in the middle of a busy shopping center. People crowd around the sand sculpture and stare in disbelief. During the days of its sculpting people visit the shopping center to marvel at the progress and take in this rare form of art. For the team this is a common occurrence as we have completed hundreds of shopping center promotions.
Sand sculpture installation in shopping center.

We handle everything from set up to closing down and cleaning up. In addition to one or more Sand Sculpture Installations we often run Sand Sculpting Workshops alongside. The workshops run in groups every half hour and are always fully booked. The Sand In Your Eyes sand sculptures and workshops have been known to increase visitation by 70%. We supply protective flooring, arrange bump in and out and supply all tools for the children’s workshops. A feature sculpture in a shopping center can be created in one day and workshops carried out on subsequent days. We can create sand sculptures as window displays. People are drawn to sand sculpture likes months to light.
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Mermaid sand sculpture in shopping center.  Logo and forest scene sand sculpture.