Sand sculpture is a rare and intricate art form that takes sand and water and breaths it to life with seemingly impossible beauty.

Sand In Your Eyes is the longest running Australian sand sculpting company. It was formed by Master sculptor Dennis Massoud more than 20 years ago. The Sand In Your Eyes team are all master sand sculptors and world champions in their field who have experience in a large number of events held across Australia and overseas.

1Our recent project of epic proportions with Qantas.

Our sand sculptures will blow your mind!

Anatomically correct sand sculpture.

Amazing beach sand sculpture by sand in your eyes.

Crowds are absolutely stunned by the detail and creativity of our sand sculptures. The most common questions asked are “How can you do that ?” and “Is it just sand ?” Yes it is just sand and a lifetime of skill and experience. When surveys are taken at major events where our creativity and performance is on display our sand sculptures have proved to be the most popular form of entertainment. In shopping centers its quite common for visitation to rise by 70% and often double. You name the place and we have worked there. Places as remote as the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and islands such as the Mariana group. Places as sacred as Gothic cathedrals and as chic as the only eight star hotel in the world, the Emirates palace hotel. We are the only Australian sand sculpting company that’s affiliated with the prestigious WSSA ,World Sand Sculpting Association. The founder Gerry Kirk is the grand master of sand. He holds four Guinness world records involving sand sculpture that have never been broken.

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