Enter Sandman  in The Courier-Mail by Leisa Scott

enter sandman

By the standards of The Sandman, it’s a small job. Since being “discovered” in 1999 on a beach at Lorne, Victoria, he has worked in the Gobi Desert, co-building a vast array of creatures from snakes to dragons out of 60,000 tonnes of sand. He’s built giants and castles in the mountainous sci-fi landscape of China’s Yunnan province, and blitzed the world championships of sand sculpting in Denmark in 2003 by turning a three-metre-high pile of sand into a terrified shipwreck victim, sinews rippling as he perched on the side of a cliff. Click here for the full article.

Mister Sandman  in Coast by Amelia Hall

Mister sandmanWhen he works crowds assemble to watch, some staying for a few minutes others standing mesmerized for hours. “The appeal is its impermanence,” he said. “Everybody’s had a go so watching sand sculpture touches a place in their hearts where they haven’t been for a long time. “it brings out the child in them.”

Sands of time  in Weekender by Gregory Stanton

sands of time

Dennis manipulates the sand to create worlds of imaginings. The work is ephemeral – built today and whisked away by winds and waters the next- but, paradoxically,his sculptures will also stand the test of time. Most pleasing to the sand-shaping artist,his carefully crafted carvings bring joy and smiles to the people around him.

The Sandman cometh in Sunday People by Nathan Evans

the sandman cometh
Dennis’s skills with a trowel and his hands have taken him around the globe in competitions, including trips to China where his massive creations are viewed by hundreds of millions of people.

Our sand man simply the best by Frank Wilkie in Sunshine Coast Daily

our sand man simply the best
Dennis Massoud toiled 10 hours a day for six days to shift 100 tonnes of Danish sand into a sculpture that won him a world title.