Behind the scenes with Qantas @ Customs House, Sydney

People who have seen such an amazing sand sculpture may have a lot of questions in their head. Here is some information behind the scenes.


Where we were working on site, the most popular question is what do we add in the sand. The answer is sand and water.

This is called hard compaction sculpture. We mix sand and water together then compact them into a box.

DSC_1478 DSC_1487


Then we remove the timber box and start carving the sculpture.

DSC_1609 DSC_1491

In this whole plane, there are 31 sculptures in total. This is not an easy job.

The compacted sand may be harder than you thought, but it is not hard like rock. This is not surprising to have sculpture falling during the process. 

image-1360199172943-V  DSC_1621

The team has to solve the problem and rebuild.

DSC_1647 DSC_1649

The hard thing working as a sand sculptor is the working under the sun. Work can’t be always inside the shopping center, right? So sunscreen, hat, umbrella and water are what we needed.

DSC_1651 DSC_1643

At the end, thanks everyone in the team for doing such a great job. And thanks everyone who provided help and everyone who likes the sculpture.

Keep an eye on the blog. We will keep you update with more and more amazing sand sculptures.